Mercedes-Benz Engine (Motor) Mount Repair & Mercedes-Benz Transmission mount replacement

     mercedes_engine_mount_installed_with_heat_shieldAn engine mount is the part that holds the engine and transmission into the subframe of the car. It’s purpose is to reduce road shocks and engine vibrations so passengers do not feel vibrations from the engine.

The Mercedes-Benz engine and transmission are bolted together and held together by 2 engine mounts under the engine, and 1 under the transmission. Mercedes-Benz Engine mounts are made of metal and rubber, and filled with hydraulic fluid, and sometimes have a heat shield covering it. Your engine mount doesn’t need any maintenance or servicing. They only need to be replaced when they fail or wear out.

A common problem with Mercedes-Benz  engine mounts is when the rubber part breaks or separates and hydraulic fluid starts leaking out of the hydraulic fluid-filled mount.


Common symptoms of a failed engine mount is the increased engine noise and vibration felt inside your Mercedes-Benz.

Often, the excessive vibration is more noticeable at idle with the transmission engaged, or in stop and go situations like your morning drive through Starbucks run.

You may see visible cracks and separations in the rubber and leaking hydraulic fluid when your engine mount has failed.

If you feel like there is excess vibration in the car, please let CW Performance know. An Engine mount replacement is one of the most cost effective and beneficial repairs that will really make a big difference in how smooth your Mercedes-Benz feels on a day to day basis.