Mercedes Repair – AIRMATIC/ABC Suspension

abc_airmatic_repair     CW Performance can repair or replace your Airmatic and Active Body Control suspensions on your Mercedes. If you ever get a “Visit Workshop” or “Car too low to drive” warning on your dashboard, it is likely that their is an issue with your suspension system. While these highly advanced systems offer the luxurious quality ride that Mercedes are known for, when they fail, many people have sticker shock when they visit the Mercedes dealer. In addition, many independent shops have little knowledge of these advanced suspensions.

airmatic_before_arnottHowever, CW Performance only works on Mercedes-Benz and is very familiar with Airmatic and Active Body Control suspension technologies. CW Performance can repair or replace your suspension system with a even higher quality design that offers a lifetime warranty at a price much more reasonable than what a typical Dealer will charge to keep your Mercedes ABC repair cost lower.

What is Airmatic?

airmatic_installed_sclassMany Mercedes-Benz luxury cars have AIRMATIC air suspension systems which adapts the the conditions on the road. Each individual wheels self adjust based on the current condition of the road. The Airmatic system adjust rebound and compression in each damper (shocks) to provide the most comfort no matter the condition of the road.

The Airmatic system also adjust depending on what mode you are in (Optimizing for comfort or sport)  You can also increase ride height to gain additional ground clearance, and also your Mercedes will self level depending on load. (i.e. you have rear seat passengers, the suspension will not squish down). Airmatic also lowers the ride height at highway cruising to reduce Aerodynamic drag and increase fuel economy.

What is Active Body Control

Active Body Control, or ABC is a hydraulic fully active suspension that controls the body emotions which eliminates body roll in most driving situations while steering, cornering. Tech technology is only available on non 4MATIC models, and is commonly found on CL, SL, and S class Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG.